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Who exactly is That Desi Girl?

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Hiya, I’m Pallavi!

That Desi Girl is the quirky, fun, girl next door you see. She shops on the streets, and shops in the stores. She marries traditions with modernity. She is the embodiment of life. And here, you’ll find a bit of her, captured in the frames that make her life. It’s a bonhomie of desi girl’s souls.


TDG is the brainchild of me, Pallavi: a classic fashion lover, dreamer, believer, traveler, coffee guzzler, fitness freak, storyteller, grammar nazi, incidentally, finance major.


What’s my authority on beauty or fashion? Probably nothing! But if you’re viewing that new trend and wistfully wondering how to don it, you can count on me to bring it within your reach.


Along with, you’d find a healthy sprinkling of lifestyle and travel stories.


When I’m not playing Quidditch, ordering my minions around, picking a new headband, or trying to figure out who ‘A’ is (Pretty Little Liar’s! Hello!!), you can find me opinionating on Facebook and Twitter, and posting pictures of whatever catches my fancy on Instagram and Pinterest


All that we have in this world to call our own is the moments we live. That’s what is truly ours; that’s the legacy we leave. This little space that I have here is a story frozen in time of the world and all that matters in it to me – from my eyes.


What do we cover?

Fashion – Street to high street to high fashion. You want it, we got it! But what we’re really passionate about, and you should look out for, is our coverage of small artisans eking out a living keeping various arts alive. We’re just a voice, but these guys are A-mazing! Also look out for fashion profiles of names that matter.


Beauty – The hot new colors, brands to follow, DIY’s and trips and tricks.


Lifestyle – As the world becomes smaller and we explore new avenues, TDG is a guide to cool spots, things to do and what’s more, no hearsay here! All trips are undertaken and recommended by yours truly!


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