Makeup 101 – Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the building blocks of any budding makeup artist, or even just makeup enthusiasts like me. Can you imagine what a bacteria house they can be though? Residual makeup, faces natural oil, inevitable dust, dead skin cells - eugh, quite a nightmare. Which...

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Lip Balms

3 Lip Balms You Must Have!

For smooth, soft and kissable lips, lip balms are a God send. The market is literally overflowing with these balms and while it's always interesting to try new stuff, tried and tested easily wins. I remember carrying something called a chapstick in my pocket to...

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oil hair

The Right Oil Massage

Even before I started growing my hair (yes, I had a short bob half my life) the oil was threatening to overtake my life. My mom routinely sneaked some on my scalp and I had to meekly bow head and let her do it. My...

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