StyleYourWayToParis Swarovski

#StyleYourWayToParis with Swarovski

Swarovski, the sparkling brand behind the dazzling crystal jewellery concluded the first phase of the initiative #StyleYourWayToParis for bloggers yesterday in Mumbai. Amongst the glitz and glamour, ten bloggers styled their looks for two themes - travel & party to win a spot for flying...

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Women Fashion That Makes No Sense

When the Husband took over the blog to write about Women Fashion That Men Don't Get, it got me thinking. While his list was from a practical point-of-view, I have my own list of things women do in name of fashion that make no sense...

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image courtesy: All Saint's Style

Outfit Ideas for a Rainy Day

Rain, blessed rain is finally here. The season of chai-pakoras is here! When I was a child I remember I hated the raincoat and umbrella my mom would try to give me because getting drenched was so much fun! Running out during rain showers was one of my...

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