Pearl Portfolio 2017

A pioneer in Indian Fashion Industry, FDCI shook the way Fashion Week is conducted in Delhi by offering the fifth day to Pearl Academy to showcase the Pearl Portfolio. A signature event of Pearl Academy, the Portfolio event is to showcase the work of graduating...

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SHIPoutfromUSA, with Love

How many times do you look at something in a glossy magazine or on your latest favourite sitcom (I'm looking at your whole wardrobe Hanna! You sure are a Pretty Little Liar!!) and wonder how do you lay hands on it? As the world keeps...

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23-09-16-Cosmopolitan La Senza

6 Things You Must Know About Your Bra!

Good friends are like a good brassiere - they lend support, make you feel great about yourself and are closest to your heart. If you don't take care of them, they end up stabbing you painfully too (well, hello ruined underwire bra!) But what if you've...

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The World of Fashion – I Am Pearl

There are no rights and wrongs, but a million interpretations in Fashion. And that, is it's power. My tryst with fashion began as a toddler when my mother lovingly sew new clothes for me - every single day! Yes, I was a spoilt little brat....

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