Featured Samsung Gear S2

Tech for Women – Samsung Gear S2

A great invention is one that solves a problem that has been weighing you down. A greater invention is one that solves a problem that you didn't even knew you had! My relationship with advancement in technology hasn't quite been the smoothest one. Reluctantly, I...

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Changing The Way To Shop – Peppertap

In this modern world, juggling job, home, traffic, social life and still maintain a healthy sense of self is quite a feat. Growing up, I remember the different ways in which my parents managed to keep the house going despite all happening outside. From handing...

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Featured Pearl

Art for a Cause – Pearl at Kala Ghoda Festival

A celebration of life – Kala Ghoda Arts Festival just concluded in Mumbai. Organised in The Kala Ghoda Art District with a plethora of visually engaging delights be it from music, dance, theatre, literature, food, street stalls, cinema, workshops, visual arts, urban design, architecture &...

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Depression – Is It Claiming You?

She smiles as she sits with friends, making plans to catch a movie this weekend - while the gloom descends. You won't know anything is wrong, except for when you catch her lower lip quiver. And then the question, "Are you okay?" Are you okay? - a...

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